QuantCopy Handbook
QuantCopy Handbook

QuantCopy Handbook

Hi there! πŸ‘‹ Welcome to QuantCopy! Follow the links below to see instructions and video content on all the QuantCopy Project features so you can get up and running quickly
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Connect Your Data

We’ve made it easy for you to set up QuantCopy Projects based on the companies you need to research. Either import your key Accounts one by one, from a CSV spreadsheet, or straight from your Salesforce account. Customise your Keywords and People searches to refine your Insights by topics, teams and people for structured, relevant information.

Instructions and tips for optimising your QuantCopy set-up

Projects 101
Add Accounts to Your Project
Import Accounts From a CSV Spreadsheet
Import Your Accounts From Salesforce
Set Your People Searches
Set Your Keyword Searches
World Languages and International Searching
Make Quick Changes
Import People and Keyword Settings to a New Project

See Your Results

We offer a broad range of settings and actions to organize, refine, prioritise and manage your Insights. Find the best views to suit your working style, whether that’s highly prioritised and cross-referenced or exhaustive and sorted into micro-groups, for direct access to perfect information.

Instructions and tips for optimising your QuantCopy Results.

Use Your Search Results
Auto-Refresh Your Project
Filter Your Accounts
Sort Accounts and Results
Top 3 Keyword Results
Quick Find

Use Your Insights

Once you’re up and running with your QuantCopy Projects, you’ll want to try the most efficient and holistic ways to extract your insights, ready to act on them in QuantCopy or in other programs. Here are features to export and co-own your projects, as well as analytics and other sophisticated tools.

Instructions and tips for optimising your QuantCopy Insights

Create Reports
Track Research Progress
Make Your Project Co-Owned
Chrome Extension
Management Features


Stop wasting time gathering information, copy-and-pasting snippets, and making ad-hoc planning docs. Start making decisions with perfect information.

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