QuantCopy Handbook
QuantCopy Handbook

QuantCopy Handbook

Hi there! 👋 These handy guides are here to set you up right and make sure you hit the ground finding and summarising customer insights with Quantcopy!
What's New?

Introduction: Why QuantCopy?

For Sales

Relevant, real time insights into your target accounts and prospects

Video: Insights for Sales (8 min)

For Marketing

Accurate insights at scale for any audience segment

The handbook

Setup and run searches

These first few steps will help you get set up right, customise QuantCopy to your preferences and set up your first search.

CSV Import
Salesforce Import
Table Search
Making quick changes
Share people and keyword searches
Seniority filters
UK Companies Filing Search

Using results

Here are the key features in QuantCopy that help you save 12 hours a week and look like a genius in front of your customers!

Using Search Results
Prioritise accounts
Bookmark Keyword Results
URLs for People and Keywords
Keyword Deep Dive
Track Research Progress


Stop wasting time gathering information, copy-and-pasting snippets, and making ad-hoc planning docs. Start making decisions with perfect information.

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