Account Tab

An account in QuantCopy is formed by a name and a website URL.

Creating Accounts

When you create a new account in QuantCopy, you have to specify the following:

  1. Name: the brand name of this account (so "Nike" instead of "Nike Inc.") or alteratively how this account is commonly talked about (so "J.P. Morgan" instead of "J.P. Morgan Chase & Co.")
  2. Website URL: the website of this account.
  3. (Optional) UK Companies House Number - for UK registered businesses.

Playbooks for enterprise, mid market, and SMB sales

When you put in lists of accounts into QuantCopy, you should make sure that each Account roughly maps to a buying committee. This way, you capture the difference in buying process between firms of different sizes. Buying committees are very dependent on the size of the organization.

  • For Startups (1-200 people) - the buying committee is usually the C-Suite, plus a few senior stakeholders. There is little differentiation between functions.
  • For Corporates (200-1000 people) - you start seeing regions and functions - you focus on the function you sell to (e.g. marketing) and the region (e.g. UK) - but broadly senior leadship still knows each other and you can build momentum through that.
  • For Mid-market (1000-5000 people) - there are now multiple separate organizations within this account, and you need to focus accordingly - tech leadership in Australia will know much less about what's happening in the UK.
  • For Enterprise (5000 people+, especially when you get to Forbes 500) - you can think of big enterprises more like groups of smaller companies, and not one giant company.