Setting next steps

Creating next steps from Insights is the key to making actionable progress towards each account, buying center, and key person.


To plan a series of next steps for an account, from hooks for an outbound cadence, to talking points in a discovery call.

Key steps

To achieve this goal, we are going to follow these steps:

  1. Read through the insights of an account

  2. Star actionable insights

  3. Highlight sentences

  4. See your next steps in the Next Steps screen

1. Read through insights

Once your search completes, QuantCopy will show you a summary of relevant search results for each Account in your Project. Unlike manual research, you do not need to read through lots of documents, instead QuantCopy has highlighted the key insights for you based on your search terms. Read through the insights to build a picture of this account.

2. Star actionable insights

As you digest the account, you'll find nuggets of gold that you can use in your messaging and account strategy. If you hover your mouse pointer over an insight, you'll see a Star icon.

Clicking this star icon creates a Next Step - and you can see that a progress bar appears on the screen to let you know of your progress in planning this account.

After I star this insight, a progress bar appears

3. Highlight

If you only want to remind yourself of a particular sentence within an insight, and not have the entire context of the insight as a Next Step, you can do that. Simply highlight the relevant words, and you'll see a popup that says "Save as new Insight".

Clicking this button creates a popup that lets you save this highlight as its own little insight.

Clicking Save brings you back to the main screen, creating a new insight, and you can mark this more condensed insight as a Next Step:

4. See your next steps

Finally, you can see only your next steps in the next steps screen, enabling you to pull this up quickly when you have a call, writing an outbound campaign, or rapidly reaching out to folks on LinkedIn.