Quarterly Planning

Know an account inside out, and fill in custom fields about them as you digest Insights.

As you research an account and their people, you’ll begin to build a picture of who they are, what kind of company they work for, what problems they may be facing and how your business can help. Here’s how your team can qualify your leads and stay focused on the biggest opportunities:

Find every detail about your account

As QuantCopy researches each account, we’ll create an Insight report for them. At the very top of an Insight report, you’ll see custom fields that enable you to track key data points about each account.

Qualify your leads as you digest the Insights

Within each Insight Report, you’ll see a Custom Field section too. This allows your sales team to define and collect important information about your leads.

Choose the Custom Fields that matters to your business

It’s easy to change the custom fields that appears in your Insight reports to suit your business needs. First, define the key details that will help you convert your accounts into opportunities.

Summarize each account's priority and qualification status

As you fill in your custom fields, you can summarize the priority and status of the account using the Status and Priority tool on the top right corner:

  • You can set the status of an account to 4 values: To-do, In progress, Done, or Disqualified.

  • Priorities can be No priority, Low, Medium, High, Live Deal.

What's next?

After you've identified who to best go after today, read our guide on finding outbound hooks, so that you can personalize your company's value proposition to each account.