Weekly Planning

You have a lot of accounts in your name. Every week, you want to focus on 10-20 accounts. you can filter for Accounts in progress everywhere, so that you always just focus on the most important tasks

Goal: Instead of staring at 100+ accounts in your projects, you want to just look at the 10-20 you are focused on this week.

Start by going to the Accounts tab. On the left hand side of each row, you can change the status + priority of the account.

As you see above, I changed BASF to be "In Progress". This tells me that I am working on these two accounts this week. I also noted it to be a High Priority account.

When we go back to look at the search results on the Insights tab, I can see that BASF now have a yellow indicator on the right hand side, telling me that these are my in progress accounts.

I can then use the Filter feature to filter down to just my in progress accounts, enabling me to focus on what's important this week.