Alerts and auto-refresh

Why do this

When doing you research you know the more information you have the newer it is, the easier to make your pitch and have success with your client. Going after someone is not a job done in one day (most of the time). In QuantCopy you can set a filter - how often would you like new results for your project.

What we are doing

Open your project and navigate to the Settings tab. In the top right corner just above Owners you will locate a drop down menu set by default as No auto update. When you press on it you will be presented with some options. Simply pick the time span you want for your project to be updated.

What you get out

Working on a big project and acting on every company takes time. New information is flooding the Internet every second. In order to not miss on new/important hooks you can set your auto update and expect new results every time. This saves you even more time and gives you the opportunity to act on the newest information per company.