Import Accounts From a CSV Spreadsheet

How can I populate my Accounts at scale?

To set up your Accounts at volume instead of manually importing them as above, you can import a CSV file. This spreadsheet filetype is easily downloaded from Excel, Numbers, Google Sheets and other spreadsheet software.


  1. Create a new Project. You’ll automatically be navigated to the Accounts tab, where there’s an Import button in the centre of the screen. Click Import.
  2. Have a CSV spreadsheet saved somewhere accessible with one column for company name, another with its main website URL, and an optional third column for UK companies with their Companies’ House number.
    1. NB this is just if you want us to search Companies House filings for this Account based on your keyword and people search terms.
  3. Drag and drop your CSV file into the box on the Tactic platform. You’ll be asked to match the columns.
  4. Once this is done, click add.
  5. When you’ve finished setting up your project with any keyword and people search terms, and customised settings, press Run at the top of your screen.