CSV Import

Why do this

As a sales person you most likely have a big list of accounts that need researching on a regular basis. Using QuantCopy makes this easier for you. You won't have to write all of them one by one but instead you can do all that by simply importing a CSV file of your companies.

What we are doing

Create a new project, navigate to the Accounts tab and from there click the Import CSV button and locate your file. What you need in this file is a column with the name of the company and a column with the URL for the company. (For UK companies you can add a column with the house number to get Companies House filing results). Match the columns and press add. From there just press Run.

What you get out

By using this QuantCopy feature, you get all of your companies researched , and it takes almost no time to set up and start it. You skip the grunt work and take that time to do something better. Export from your CRM - Import to QuantCopy - save time.