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How to import prospects from a CSV

A few things to note about the CSV you upload:

  • The mandatory fields are First Name and Email. We use the email as a unique identifier for a prospect, lead, or customer of yours.
  • In the CSV template, the following fields are optional, but they unlock more functionality of QuantCopy. Here is a list of CSV headers you will see in the template (typeset in monospace) and their descriptions.
    • last name: Last name
    • website: Company Website
    • company name: Company Name
    • position: Position
    • employees: Employee Count
    • industry: Industry
    • summary: Lead Description
    • description: Company Description
  • You can supply custom fields simply by including extra columns in your CSV file.

CSV Upload, Step-by-step

  1. Log in to your QuantCopy account and click "+ Add Leads" on the top right corner of the "Leads" tab.

    Add Leads

  2. Click "Browse" on the right hand side of the screen, and pick the CSV that you are uploading from your computer.

    Upload Leads Screen


    Click the "Download CSV Template" button to download a CSV template with the fields for QuantCopy.

  3. Click "Submit" to upload your CSV. The maximum file size limit is 20 mb. You should break up the file if it's larger than that.

Can I update prospect data with a CSV import?

Yes. You can update values, and add new attributes for existing prospects. All CSV imports require you to have a column with email addresses. Email addresses are used by QuantCopy to identify a unique prospect, lead, or customer. A few things to note:

  • To update any field, including First Name, simply include a row with the email address of the prospect you want to update, and put new values in the corresponding columns.
  • Uploading CSVs will never delete any of your prospects. Please contact customer support if you want to change that behavior.
  • If you leave a field blank when updating existing columns, it will result in overwriting values to None.