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Tracking Leads

QuantCopy gathers data every 24 hours from the following places to help you understand your customers better.

  1. News. We scan over 30,000 news websites for mentions of your leads.
  2. Social. We grab your leads' tweets from Twitter.
  3. Web. We visit the customer's website to surface interesting information for you.

This external data appears into two places: the Leads tab, and then Feed tab.

See every detail about your Leads


After you upload your leads, you will come to the Leads screen. You can see your own data, like the name, company, and role of your leads.

You can see data we collect for you, like the Twitter handle we find on your lead, or your lead's website.

The most exciting feature is the "# Signals" column, which tells you how many relevant updates we have collected about this lead.

The 'Risky' tag next to a name flags any suspicious leads we see. You can hover over the "Risky" tag to see why we flagged them. You can still assign them to campaigns and reach out to them.

Any green tick ✔️ next to a lead's website address shows that QuantCopy has visited that website in the last 24 hours. It exists, and any triggers based on website keywords will work.

Get a Feed of your leads' latest updates


Now that you have uploaded your leads, we collect updates from the news, social, and your lead's websites and put it in the feed.

QuantCopy prioritizes what to show you in the feed with tags. There are 50+ tags for important sales triggers, like expansion, new venture funding, and new product launch. You can see the list of tags here.