Import People and Keyword Settings to a New Project

There are 2 methods for copying search parameters over from your existing owned and co-owned Projects into a new one.


First method

  1. Create a new Project. You will see a scroll menu showing all the Projects you are already owner or co-owner of.
  2. Select any of these, you'll see three check boxes come up: copy accounts, copy keywords, and copy people. Check any of these options to reuse the same search parameters in your new Project.
  3. Then simply click create, continue setting up your Project and click run. Using this method you can import search elements from one existing Project.

Second method

  1. If you’re in an existing or new Project and want to import any settings from a previous Project, navigate to the Keywords tab.
  2. In the top right you will see an import button. This gives you a pop-up window showing you all the Projects you are the owner or co-owner of.
  3. Simply click on the ones you need and check the purple box.
  4. Then, run changes. Using this method you can import search elements from several Projects.