Importing Accounts

On the homepage, click the Accounts tab. This tab shows both Accounts in your CRM + Accounts in QuantCopy.

Showing Accounts

Accounts in your name

Shows up by default. You can use the Fields feature to adjust what data shows up, and Filters to narrow down your list.

Accounts in somebody else's name

To show accounts not in your name, click Filters, then add more names to the Owner filter, shown below. You can also add Owner ID in the Fields dropdown to show who owns which account.

Importing Accounts

Importing 1 account

Check the box next to an account, and an Import button will appear on the top bar.

Note: an account would both need a name and a website for the import to work.

Selecting all accounts to import

Simply click the circled checkbox on the top, and it'll select all the accounts not in QuantCopy, and give you the option to import them into a Project.