Content Universe

To supercharge your understanding of your target customer, you can search for actionable insights from any corner of the internet.

We focus on the following content:

  1. Company websites - about, team, pricing, career pages; blog posts and news portals.

  2. Third-party content - podcast transcripts, guest posts, interviews.

  3. News and press releases

  4. Annual reports and financial filings

    1. Public companies usually have PDF annual reports, and you can search through each sentence in these reports.

    2. UK based private companies have filings in Companies House, which are scanned documents. We apply a layer of processing to identify the text, tables, and figures (using OCR technology) such that you can analyze every word.

  5. PDFs - case studies, brochures

We currently do not support the following content, as they are not search engine friendly:

  1. non-English content

  2. Content behind paywalls

  3. Content behind social networks like LinkedIn and Facebook groups.