Keyword Deep Dive

Why do this

As salespeople you know how easy it is to have a conversation with your customer once you fully understand what they are dealing with and what their pains are. Doing an exhaustive research takes a lot of time though. With QuantCopy we'll have the machine do all the searching, scrolling and reading for you, so you can end up with all the right insights synthesized and ready to use.

What we are doing

Open a Project . Go to the Results tab . Scroll past the People search results and find the Keyword search results . For each keyword the machine will pick the Top 3 best results and will display them. If you'd like to really exhaust a topic you'd be able to do that by finding the first of those 3 snippets and locate the See all results > button on its top right corner. That will allow you to see all the information that the AI has found about the said company and keyword.

What you get out

With the machine doing all the searching, scrolling and reading for you, you can quickly understand everything there is to know about a company on a certain topic and be well prepared for your calls.