Long list → Short list

Why do this

Being in a Sales positions, means going after a lot of potential clients. Do your research and understand which of the companies in a long list are a good fit. After doing this you end up with a short list that's actionable and you know they are the clients to go after.

What we are doing

Go to an existing project and navigate to the Accounts tab. You can locate Fields and Filter in the top left corner of the page. You can create Fields that are relevant to your specific target audience, by doing so you will see which of the companies fit your criteria. From there on clicking on the Filter button, you can pick the already created Fields and this will hide all the accounts that are not related to the set criteria.

What you get out

QuantCopy provides you with the opportunity to run all your searches at the same time. Its expected not every company to be a good fit. Turning your long list into a short one is key for success and made very simple. You save time and effort by using the Fields and Filter features letting the machine, remove companies that do not fit your requirements. The result - a long list turned into a short one ready to be actioned on in a matter of few clicks.