Filter Your Accounts

For insights on multiple companies you're less familiar with, or need to compare with one another, use our fields and filters as a shortlisting tool to cut down on repetitive research.


  1. Within the Accounts tab of any Project, open the fields button and select any important keywords that increase the priority of this leads list for you.
  2. Then open the filters button and add the same keywords again, with a value such as ‘is not empty’. This will cross-reference your results to generate a shortlist that corresponds best with your interests.
  3. Finally, you can toggle the ascending/descending order of your shortlist to display the most interesting results for you at the top. When you go back into the results tab, you’ll see your custom shortlist.

In the People tab, there’s an option to filter by minimum seniority. Toggle this to ensure that your Insights are showing you the correct leads for your current needs. Once you've selected an option in this box, head back to the Results tab to see updated results.