Set Your People Searches

This is where you can specify Departmental, Role and Firstname Lastname searches to narrow down the highest priority individuals in your insights.


  1. The first layer of filtering within the People tab is in the Teams section, where you can add Departmental search terms, e.g. ‘marketing’, ‘sales’, ‘sustainability’. This filter will identify and categorise employees within their departments, from LinkedIn data.
    1. N.B. Go as niche as required: ‘Cloud Centre of Excellence’ or 'imported homegoods'.
  2. The next layer of filtering People is by Job Title search terms. Let’s say you've specified a Departmental search term as ‘property management’; you can now layer in a Job Title search term of ‘billing’ to zone in on your target contacts’ job functions and cross-reference these with their team. Perhaps you want to find ‘billing’ managers within several different departments: not just ‘property management’ but also ‘property sales’ and ‘land sales’. We'll display your insights so you can see these cross-references clearly.
  3. In some instances, you may already know the specific individuals you wish to target, but you've not got perfect information on their goals and pain points. You can change that by adding first and last names as Specific People search terms, either in tandem with the above filters or on their own. This, coupled with your specifics as outlined in the Keywords tab, will tell you everything you need to know about these leads.