People Tab

In a Project, the People tab helps you specify the teams, role keywords, and specific people you would like to target in a Project.

Team Searches

In the Teams section, you can add keywords that present a function or a team. For example, standard functions you can put are "marketing", "sales", "technology", "sustainability". You can also put more specific teams like "Cloud Center of Excellence", "fleet management", and "culture".

Any person who is connected to a team keyword will be surfaced and categorized within that team. They are connected to the keyword when their profile contains that keyword, they are mentioned alongside that keyword in an article, and so on.

Role/Title Searches

In the Roles section, you can add keywords that filter the roles of people we find from the Teams keywords. For example, if you add a role keyword "billing" and a team keyword "finance", we will first gather every person related to finance, then only take the ones who have "billing" in their titles.

Name Searches

Sometimes, you would know exactly who needs targeting, but you don't know their goals and pain points. In the specific people section, you can add specific persons for us to focus on.