Prioritise accounts

Why do this

As a salesperson, you get a new territory or account list regularly. You will need to decide which companies to go after first, based on a variety of indicators, signals and insights. Today, you may be doing this on a spreadsheet, having neatly (or not so neatly) color coded leads and in-depth comments.

This is easy to automate and speed up in QuantCopy. Let's say you have a list of 350 companies who raised money in the last 30 days. How do we know which companies to go after first?

What we are doing

One of the best signals I am getting from QuantCopy is how many total search results there are for one account. You can see this on the left hand sidebar, next to each company name.

Those are basically the results that the machine has already picked out for me. The more results I have, the more relevant the company would be.

You can see as we go down, some companies have a bunch of results, and then those companies that have no results.

Here's a way for you to arrange all of this.

  1. go to the accounts tab
  2. click on sort
  3. add a sort by clicking # of Results and select Descending.

What you get out

Now what will happen once you go back to the results tab, you're going to notice that all the companies that have a lot of results are situated on the top, and those will probably be the easiest ones for you to go after.

So in the beginning of the quarter, you're just going to open up your project, run it, make the sorting, and you will be able to quickly distinguish, which are the companies to go after first.