Projects 101

What is a Tactic Project?

Once you're logged into Tactic, the main screen is your Projects page. You can run your searches through one Project, or multiple, depending on your needs.

You may want to run a few Projects based on separate lists of clients and leads, so your results aren’t mixing up closed deal accounts with prospects.

Alternatively, you might differentiate your Projects based on the search term groups you'll use.

Projects are populated by Accounts. You can add these in manually, or import from a spreadsheet or Salesforce.

People search: add search terms based on individuals' names, and/or the job functions and working departments that you’re interested in targeting: Team Lead; Compliance.

Keyword search: here you input the terms you want to look for within news, homepages and documents of the above companies: digital transformation, or perhaps GDPR regulation.

Once you've clicked Run on your Project and the Results are in, you can sort and filter them based on customisable criteria. From this point, any time you update your Accounts, keyword and people searches you can just Run changes to this Project. Alternatively, set your project to auto-refresh every week, fortnight or month.

Learn the ropes of using Tactic for nuanced research insights by reading the pages in this handbook.