Why do this

As a sales person you know the hassle of building a spreadsheet and using it as a report well. It takes time and you always end up having 50 tabs opened and getting lost. In this video you'll see how you can build a Report in the same tab in which you get your research.

What we are doing

Open a Project , go to the Result tab . In the right top corner of the app, you will see a button Reports . After you open it you can click on the + to create and name a new report. After you've named your report, you will be able to add any snippet or people search result to it by hovering over them and clicking Add to Report. You can also add comments inside the report by hovering over a snippet and clicking on the Add a text block below,+.

What you get out

Whit this feature you can create structured reports, that can target different pain points of your customers. You can use them to quickly access important information. This makes collaborating on the app and preparing for calls an easier task.