Salesforce Import

Why do this

CRM is the Sales person best friend. Salesforce is probably one of the most used platforms concerning sales teams. Providing you with this kind of integration, we aim to save you even more time and grunt work. QuantCopy + Salesforce is the perfect combination for you to get relevant results for the targeted clients.

What we are doing

Open QuantCopy and locate your profile on the top right corner. When you press on it a drop-down menu will show you a button Salesforce Integration. This will lead you to a page where you`d find a button Enable , simply press on it and from there follow the steps to log-in and connect your Salesforce profile with your QuantCopy profile.

What you get out

By integrating your Salesforce to QuantCopy, you get an easy way to have all you Salesforce accounts directly in our platform. You can action on those leads by simply marking and adding them to your existing projects. You save time by not only having all your information in the same place but also by utilize criteria you`ve already created and used in your previous projects.