Import Your Accounts From Salesforce

How does Salesforce integrate with Tactic?

We’ve created a system to import your Accounts data straight from your Salesforce account, to save you even more clicks on the journey to having perfect information. We know how important this global CRM tool is, and we’ve made it our priority to optimise Tactic for the daily Salesforce user.


✅ You can import Accounts into both new projects and existing projects.

✅ Accounts will be deduplicated using the website of the Account.

✅ Add filters to find precisely the right list of accounts to import.

✅ We will store the Salesforce ID, creating a link to the original object, so that you can export fields back to your Salesforce.


  1. Before you start, check whether you have connected Salesforce. If you haven’t:
    1. Locate your Tactic profile on the bottom left of the screen.
    2. When you click it, a drop-down menu will show an option for Salesforce Integration.
    3. This will lead you to a popup with an Enable button; once you’ve pressed it, follow the steps to connect your Salesforce profile.
  2. Then, you can use the Import button in the Accounts tab of any project, and select the Salesforce option.
  3. Once you click the Salesforce option, you will see a table with your Salesforce accounts.
  4. Select the Accounts you want to import, and click (or all of them) Import.
    1. If you want to use Salesforce data to filter down the list, you can click Fields to surface Salesforce account fields; click Filter to apply filters.
  5. The product will suggest autocorrects for your Account names. This is to remove legal words like “Inc.” “Corp.” and “Limited”, because usually companies are not referred to by their legal names.
  6. Click Confirm, and your Accounts will be imported!