Salesforce Sync

Enable Salesforce Sync on a project, set the criteria on which accounts to pull in and it’ll automatically import your newly assigned accounts from Salesforce into Tactic.

Save time by automatically adding new accounts from Salesforce to your existing project.
Start your day with your research already complete so you can focus on your outreach.


Step by step Guide:

  1. Select the ‘Projects’ tab in the side bar and either open an existing project or create a new one.
  2. Under the ‘Accounts’ tab select the ‘Sync with Salesforce’
  3. image
  4. Specify the syncing criteria by adding filters in the pop up and hit the save button.
  5. image
  6. Matching accounts will be pulled from Salesforce and appear in your project.
  7. Tactic will continue to run automatic updates every five minutes for accounts owned by you which match the criteria specified.