Welcome to Account Scoring! This powerful tool helps you prioritize high-potential accounts by assigning scores based on a customizable algorithm. Easily align your scoring system with your sales strategy by adjusting the weights of different factors and applying penalties for less desirable attributes. Our global support and dedicated customer success team ensure smooth sailing as you hone in on your most promising accounts.How does the algorithm work?

Simple Version

The scoring algorithm helps to give a score to each account in a project. It does this by looking at different aspects, which we call "fields." Each field has a specific importance, or "weight."

To find a field's score, we combine the highest positive score and the highest negative score from the field's rules, and then multiply this sum by the field's weight.

To get an account's overall score, we add up all the field scores. Then, we divide this sum by what we call the "ideal score." The ideal score is the total weight of all the fields with positive rules, or if there are no positive rules, it's the total weight of all fields.

Finally, we make sure the account's score is between -100 and 100, by making some adjustments if needed.

So, in short, the scoring algorithm looks at the importance and rules of different fields, calculates scores for each field, adds them up, and then adjusts the final score to make sure it's within the range of -100 to 100.


The scoring algorithm calculates a score for each account in a project based on a set of predefined rules and fields. Each field has a weight, and the score for each field is calculated by summing the most positive and most negative scores from its rules, then multiplying by the field's weight. The overall score for an account is the sum of all field scores, divided by the ideal score, which is the sum of all field weights with positive rules. If there are no positive rules, the ideal score is the sum of all field weights. The algorithm ensures that the rules of one field have no influence on the rules of another field. Negative scores are clamped to -100, while overall scores can range between -100 and 100.

Field Score Calculation:

Field Score = (Most Positive Score + Most Negative Score) * Field Weight

Account Absolute Score Calculation:

Account Absolute Score = Sum of Field Scores (for all fields)

Final Account Score Calculation:

Account Score = max(Account Absolute Score / Ideal Score, -1)

where Ideal Score = Sum of field weights with positive rules (or sum of all field weights if there are no positive rules)

These equations demonstrate how the algorithm calculates individual field scores, the account's absolute score, and the final account score. Note that the final account score is clamped to a minimum of -1.