Sales: Setting Up Outbound Accounts

How to upload a bunch of accounts to QuantCopy to outbound them

Before you start

It's a new day, and you just got a list of new target accounts from sales ops. Typically, you will get an account name and an account website. This guide shows you how to offload your outbound research to QuantCopy.

1. Select a Project

When starting a new wave of outbound, you typically have a list of 1) account names and 2) website. Let's get these into a project. You can either

2. Upload Accounts

Once you are in the right project, you can either add your accounts manually or upload them via CSV.

Import Account List with CSV

Before importing your file, make sure that:

  1. It is a CSV.

  2. It has fewer than 1,000 rows.

  3. The headers of the first two columns are name and domain and both name and domain are provided. The column names need to be lowercase.

  4. OPTIONAL You can search through information on the latest UK Companies House number. To enable that, please include a companies_house_number column.


Example CSV with Headers
  1. Go to the Accounts tab

  2. Click "Import List from CSV"

  3. Click "Browse File" to select a CSV file from your local machine. Remember that column names need to be lowercase.

  4. Check your upload

    1. Next to the "Cancel Import" button, we show you the file you uploaded, and how many rows of data (82 below) was in that file.

    2. There might be an error notification telling you that 1 or more rows are missing data, blank, or has data issues. (1 error below)

    3. Under that, the heading "Net new Accounts" show you how many accounts will be imported (81 below)

Once you click Confirm, your Accounts will be uploaded.

3. Setup your searches

After you created your accounts, you would want to confirm that your persona and insight searches are correct. You should add new searches to test and remove searches that are irrelevant.

4. Schedule and run

Once you are done with the setup, click the "Schedule" button. This notifies the machine to do the research, and you'll get an email in 12-48 hours depending on how many accounts you have.

Next: Prioritizing your accounts

After your research completes, you’ll begin to build a picture of who they are, what kind of company they work for, what problems they may be facing and how your business can help. Here’s a guide on prioritizing accounts.