Share people and keyword searches

Why do this

Working in a team or a company often comes with identical criteria for different targets. Sharing information, or specific keywords that need researching for different companies. QuantCopy makes it easier to collaborate and share information between colleagues.

What we are doing

There are 2 methods for copying keywords from your friends. Method.1 Create a new project and pick a name for it. You will see a scroll menu beneath it, with all the projects you are owner or co-owner of. You can simply pick the one you need and from there you'll see 3 check boxes one for Copy Accounts, Copy keyword searches and Copy people searches. Different projects require different criteria, check the ones you want to use in your new project and click Create. Continue setting up your project and press Run. Method.2 If you already have a project, navigate to the Keyword Search tab. In the top right you will see a button Import . Press on it and you will end up with a pop-up window showing you all the projects you are the owner or co-owner of. Simply click on the ones you need and press Add X Keywords. After that what's left is to press Run Changes. P.S

  • Method.1 - You can only copy keywords from 1 project
  • Method.2 - You can copy keywords from multiple projects.

What you get out

By doing this not only you save time getting keywords in a project but you also save time by simply locating the project you need. The collaboration between you and your colleagues is non-verbal and easier. Sharing information between projects is as simple as it gets.