Sharing Results

Why do this

Sharing information with your colleagues is crucial for success. Before QuantCopy you had to share everything you've found on the Internet and explain in detail what is what in a confusing unstructured file. QuantCopy provides you with a simple way of sharing everything we've found for your project and also sharing your commentsreports etc. with whoever you want.

What we are doing

Simply open your project and navigate to the Settings tab. You will see a field with Owners. You can add as many people as you'd like by putting down their email and click Save on the right. Every person you add as an owner would have full access to this particular project. Keyword Results, people results, comments, reports and anything else you've done in this project.

What you get out

By co-owning a project with someone, you save time and grunt work for all of you, by receiving new and actionable information in an instant. Sharing yours and our work with a colleague is the simplest way of getting them up to speed with your criteria, targets and actions.