URLs for People and Keywords

Why do this

Before you started using QuantCopy, you were looking for your information manually. People or snippets you would still save the source from where you got the information set on the side and ready to go over once more if needed. We provide you with a structured Result tab to action quickly.

What we are doing

Navigate to the Result tab. When you start going over the report we've build for you, you will notice an in button, by clicking on it you will open this person LinkedIn profile. Going further down you will find your snippets ready to be actioned on. What's more you will notice a title. Clicking on in will lead you to the source of this particular snippet.

What you get out

You get a structured report that saves you time and manual work before reaching out. QuantCopy provides you with the source of everything in case you'd want to elaborate further or simply curious where exactly the information is coming from.