Use Your Search Results

Once you've run your search, you’ll see each Account has a number of results. Click into any Account to see the specific insights, listed by People search and Keyword search. When reading through your Insights on the Results tab, click on the outlined star in the top-right corner of the Insight to save this result to your Next Steps, visible at the top of your Results tab content, or on the right-hand sidebar. Simply click the Mark as done checkbox on the top-left corner of the Insight, or Remove from Next Step above when you no longer want this bookmarked. The Keyword results will automatically show a ‘top three results’, however if you hover over the first Insight there is an option to See all results. The right-hand sidebar has a comments link, which allows you to hand-type in any notes-to-self, also visible to Project co-owners, such as, ‘Call Luke w/c 20.12.21’. You can filter results by the to-do status such as In Progress and edit these filters as you go, in either the Chrome extension or the main app.