Using Search Results

Why do this

Sales people spend a lot of time looking through various sources of information, so that they can personalize their outreach and have something relevant to say. You end up doing a lot of searching scrolling and reading to achieve that. QuantCopy gives all this time back to its users, by doing all of it. With this platform, you will get 1 screen that has the people to target and a pre-done research that is easy to act on.

What we are doing

After you've created your Project you will go to the Accounts tab to put in the accounts you'd like to be researched. Move on to People search tab where you will add the Teams you are usually targeting. After that you will go to the Keyword search tab where you will add all the searches you'd do on Google - CompanyX + Keyword . Once you have completed all the steps you will be able to Run the Project and go to the Results tab . There you will be able to find all the information you'll need about people and compelling events within one screen.

What you get out

Once you start using QuantCopy, you wouldn't need to do any manual research on your prospects. You'll be able to prepare for calls way faster and have a lot more relevant things to say. Your research process will be way more structured and less time consuming.