What's New?

Jun 23, 2021: Updated companies database, button search

  • We have updated the brand names in our companies database. This database is used to autocomplete company names when you upload a list of companies. With more accurate brand names, content and people results will be more relevant.

  • You can now search specifically for text on buttons and links on company websites. For example, whether there is a public pricing page, or whether there is a localised website for the German market.

June 9, 2021: Updated people results, UX improvements

  • We now have better coverage of people results - who works for a particular company.

  • A new error page that helps you go back to the right place in the rare event that the app crashes.

  • We've renamed the nav within a project to better descriptions of what the tab does.

June 2, 2021: Faster results, did you mean?

  • When you add a new Account to be searched, you can now access the notes and custom fields immediately, so you can start working on that account ASAP.

  • A new 'Did you mean?' feature groups all the company name variations for people results, and that helps you narrow down to the right set of contacts at the right company.

Feb 11, 2021: Chrome extension

You can now access QuantCopy via a Chrome sidebar extension here. Double click on the QuantCopy icon to enable it for any website, including Salesforce, LinkedIn, Google docs/sheets.

Feb 03, 2020: Weekly workflows, automatic highlights

Filter accounts by status anywhere in QuantCopy. Here's a quick handy guide on how to use this new feature + 40 second video to showcase this workflow.

Automatic highlighting for important people and initiatives mentioned in your keyword search results:

Feb 01, 2021: Accounts tab now can replace your research spreadsheet

Jan 28, 2021: More searches, more results

From today, the more searches you have, the more search results come up; In the past, we have capped the number of search results for relevance, but with this change, we make sure we take the top 3-5 search results for each people/keyword search you have shows up.

To make sure the results are still digestible, there is a new rewrite feature to re-write and summarize content better.

Jan 21, 2021: 10x more content + 3x more results

We now index deeper into each website we see, on average covering 10x more pages to make sure you don't miss any important search results. Combined with improvements on relevance and summarization, this should create 3x more relevant search results on QuantCopy.

Jan 14, 2021: CSV Upload improvements

Jan 7, 2021: Export QuantCopy data to Excel

πŸŽ† Jan 1, 2021: Settings

There are a few settings for each project - who owns the project, who can see it; what Custom Fields are we tracking; and handy tools like duplicating this project. We have put all of this capability into our new Setings tab.

πŸŽ„Dec 25, 2020: Autosave + Custom Fields

All changes you make now autosaves after a few seconds, eliminating a huge painpoint everybody was complaining about. Furthermore, to enable you to track specific data points, we have released Custom Fields.

Dec 18, 2020: # search results per Account

You can now see how many search results came back for each Account, which enables you to prioritize where you focus every week. You can see this in the new column called # Results at the right hand side of the Accounts table.

Dec 11, 2020: Notes, comments, and research workflows

Notes and comments

When you are learning and strategizing about a new account, you come across key information that isn’t on QuantCopy. With our new Comments feature, you can now add your own notes and comments onto each account.

It takes time to learn about a new account. There is always more information. As you build up a picture, some accounts get more exciting. You want to prioritize your efforts and run more searches for that account.

Statuses and Priority

With Statuses, you can indicate whether an account is on your to-do list, you are in progress of building out a mutual business case, or you are done.

With Priority, you can indicate and share how β€œhot” is this account, based on insights on QuantCopy.

Dec 3, 2020: πŸ“‹ Copy to Clipboard + βž• Create new projects

You can now create new projects! Also, you can copy any insight to your clipboard β€” simply hover your cursor over any insight, and you'll see the copy to clipboard tool for that insight.

Nov 23, 2020: ⏫ Upload UK Companies House Numbers via CSV upload

You can now include a new companies_house_number column when you upload Accounts via csv files. Remember to make your column names lowercase. Here's an example csv:

Nov 16, 2020: πŸ” Keyword Overview

One of the key features of QuantCopy is to enable you to quickly understand which searches had hits for an Account. Today, we are unveiling the new keyword sidebar, which shows you exactly that information. Common use cases:

  • See whether a target account is thinking about a particular strategy

  • See which partners work with target accounts

  • See which competitiors have a case study with target accounts

  • See whether a target account uses a particular technology

Further improvements:

  • In Searches, you can now add new searches easily as the search bar is sticky on top.

  • In Insights, people are now sorted by Team. This means that people connected to each account is now sorted by the team search that surfaced this connection.

Nov 13, 2020: ⏫ CSV Uploads

You can now upload lists of account names, domains, and (optionally) UK companies house number, instead of adding it one by one!

Also in today's release:

  • Teams are now sorted in the People table.

Nov 11, 2020: Sorting!

In each project, you can now sort account by Name, or by the number of search results.

Sort by Name.
Sort by # of results.

Nov 9, 2020: πŸ›£οΈ New tools to create your perfect Account Strategy!

When you hover over each insight, you'll notice 3 new tools to help you organize research and strategize about your accounts. Two are on the top-right corner (the Favorite star and the Dismiss cross) and one on the top-left (the Done box).

  • Favorite button: mark an insight as actionable, important. This enables you to highlight key hooks and talking points on each account, and let your collaborators know about it.

  • Dismiss button: noisy search results? no problem. Dismiss an insight and it goes away. The machine also learns about its mistake!

  • Done button: mark an insight as done, whether its because you used it in a cadence, or because it was a great opener for that call with a new stakeholder. Win-win!

Nov 8, 2020: πŸ™Œ Multiple owners, πŸŽ›οΈ more details on Projects

  • You can now assign multiple owners to a project, enabling you to collaborate between sales, marketing, CS, and partners.

  • Projects now have richer metadata, listing the first 2 accounts, personas, and keywords, plus the total number of each.

Nov 5, 2020

  • Our new web application is live! ✨ This centralizes all your projects, account lists, persona, and keyword searches in one, beautiful interface.

  • Our new Groups feature enables you to group your keywords. Whenever we find a new insight, we will look at which keyword led us there, and put it in the right group on the Insights tab.