Faster results, faster loading

Incremental runs

In the past, if you create a project, run it, then add 1 more account to that project, the product forces you to re-run all the accounts. This means that you will get research for that 1 extra account really slowly.

We've changed that: today, you can just run the changes to your project setup.

As your criteria and targets change, you can now get results faster for an existing project. You can now add a keyword, team, company and run the project just for them.

Simply locate the tab you want. Add whatever needs researching, from there go to Run Changes button (top right). You will see a ˅ button that opens a drop down menu where you can pick to run the whole project or just the latest changes.


The example below is for Accounts but you can action on People Search and Keyword Search in the same manner.

fig.1 How to Run Changes
fig.1 How to Run Changes

🔧Bug Fixes:


The Accounts on the main page now loads faster.


When working on a Project, in the Accounts tab you can now locate the Priority feature on the left side for cleaner look and easier action. As shown in fig.2

fig.2 Priority
fig.2 Priority